The Education System

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The Education System
Education is the experiences that have a formative effect on the mind character or physical being. It is a form of learning where we transfer our knowledge, skills and habits to the generation that follow us so that they may improve upon it and better themselves and the people around them. In Trinidad and Tobago education is free and compulsory between the ages of 5 and 16. Although it may seem like an easy system to put together, the education system takes the input and cooperation of many entities. Teacher, administrators and even security staff just to name a few, play an important role in the smooth operation of the education system. Standing in front of a classroom and lecturing is an important factor in a teacher’s career but there are much more skills that makes an efficient teacher. These skills ensure that the school day runs smoothly and all students receive a quality education. Teachers are learners. They are constantly searching for the best practices and strategies for effective teaching through short courses and workshops. Teachers are facilitators of learning, providing students with the information and tools they need to master a subject. Their most important role maybe interacting with students which involves the role of a counsellor, a surrogate parent, a nutritionist and someone who has the every child’s best interest at heart. Other roles that teachers undertake are chaperones at school functions, coaches of sporting activities, artists and designers when making their classroom a space for student centred learning. Another useful unit that contributes to the organisation and management of the education system are the education administrators. They handle the administration, support systems and important activities that facilitate the effective running of an educational institution. Administrators set the atmosphere of the school by the way they lead. Some of them conduct interviews for incoming teachers and support...
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