The Education of Little Tree

Topics: Grandparent, Family, Calf Pages: 3 (1286 words) Published: June 12, 2013
The Education of Little tree is the story about the unbreakable spirit of a half Cherokee six year old boy who has become an orphan. However he isn’t completely alone he has his grandparents who take him to the mountains of Tennessee. Little Tree embodies the strength of an oppressed people, who have been robbed of their way of life, but not their dignity. Little Tree looks to and learns from his Grandma and Grandpa they tell him about the power of nature as well as how to appreciate all that it does for you. Little Tree’s Grandparents teach him life lessons in addition to telling him the history of his people and where he came from. Little Tree’s view of the world is shaped by his Grandparents love for him along with the experiences he has while living with them. Little Tree’s Grandma and Grandpa live up in the mountains of Tennessee in a small log cabin which little tree quickly identifies as his home. Grandma and Grandpa are of Cherokee decent as is Little tree except he was only half Cherokee like his Grandpa. When Little Tree and his Grandparents board the bus after his parents’ funeral, Little Tree is introduced to the insensitive views toward Indians. The passages on the bus laughed and made fun of them. Little Tree didn’t understand then why the people acted that way but he would learn later the harsh truth that meant he would encounter that type of treatment his whole life. Part of Grandpa and Grandma’s role in Little Tree’s life was to help him understand the world he was born into along with how to handle the situations that were inevitable. Little Tree’s huge heart and spirit were a large part of his ability to lead as well as influence the lives of those around him. Although little tree was six years old he was able to comprehend the lessons his grandparents were teaching him. His Grandpa would take Little Tree on hikes along the mountain trails; he spent most of his time with his Grandpa. Little tree’s ability to apply the knowledge he learned...
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