The Education Debate

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The Education Debate
Adam Rodrigues

1. Nielsen's (Boom's) opinion of a higher education is a very interesting and intellectual opinion that I myself also share. In this text Bloom's creates a very strong distinguishment between the education you receive from universities in the sense of "book smarts" whether then the skills universities lack to teach, which in Bloom's opinion is wisdom, and virtue. Bloom suggests these skills are essential in order to follow the path to the "good life". In this text Bloom subtitles "How higher education has failed democracy and impoverished the souls of today's students,", which in essence is a direct attack at univerisites for not instilling the proper morals and lessons in their students. The skills that the students lack have been extremely noticeable to Bloom, he suggests due to the lack of nobility and morality students no longer "fall in love", students deem only for sexual relationships rather than companionship and love. Bloom draws a strong discrepancy between the arts and sciences. He states that non-science undergrads are not required to take any science courses while science inflicted students are required to take 3 of their 20 courses in either science or arts. This allowance for the choice between arts & science is something I agree extremely on. Both these areas of education offer such similar however also different skills. Arts, allow for creativity, wonder, insight and inference while science grabs connection to nature, realism and direct intellect. I believe both areas are important for the development of a human, it offers a type of well roundedness and intellectual ability in all aspects of life. Currently our education follows a systematic approach of a one answer, one right type of approach. This limits the ability of creativity, inference and uniqueness. Memorization is absolutely one of the worst skills that school has to offer, instead understanding and conceptualizing is key to the success of...
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