The Economic, Political, and Social Issues Facing Pakistan

Topics: Carnegie Mellon University, Pakistan, United States Pages: 2 (339 words) Published: January 10, 2014
Identify the most important economic, political or social issue facing your country. Please explain its significance and offer at least one solution. (Please be sure the essay is well-written and organized with an introduction, supporting paragraphs and conclusion. If admitted, this essay may be sent to prospective internship sites as a writing sample.) Problems – Solution

Intolerance- Education
Ignorance - Education
Sectarianism – Swift provision of justice, redefining discriminatory laws Regionalism – Autonomy to provinces
War in FATA/Waziristan – Dialogue Process
Energy Crisis – Sustainability, Kalabagh Dam
Unemployment – Promote Entrepreneurship
National Debt –

Pakistan is a country gripped in political, social and economic turmoil. Our economy is at its lowest ebb with national debt higher than ever (insert stat). Briefly describe major problems.
Despite all these overwhelming set of problems, I believe that the most important issue facing Pakistan since its creation and even its inception, one that has primarily been responsible for the division of the country into two diametrically opposed entities in 1971, and one that threatens to cease the existence of the Pakistani state as we know it today, is a social one – intolerance. Born to humble origins in the village town of Sahiwal, constantly being on the move around the country due to my father’s job description and then finally completing high school in the bustling city of Lahore, I have had the privilege of experiencing and interacting with a culturally and socially diverse group of Pakistanis. Like most of my other countrymen, I had learned to blame my country’s problems on “corrupt leadership” and “external enemies”. It was only after coming to Carnegie Mellon University, and living in a global multicultural environment, that I learned the importance of respect and tolerance towards other individuals, and the positive impact it can have on community development. Reflecting on my...
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