The Economic Globalization

Topics: General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, World Trade Organization, Globalization Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: March 28, 2015
Economic Globalization

Throw the coming few pages we will be trying to illustrate the Economic Globalization throw Definition, History, Cons and pros.

As Wikipedia identified Economic Globalization as the increasing economic interdependence of national economies across the world through a rapid increase in cross-border movement of goods, service, technology, and capital. in a more simpler words; the world is becoming closer and closer to an extent that similar to one city, you can now order any product online from any place in the world and it will take a matter of days to be delivered till your house, because of that now the consumers all over the world have much more choices of products to compare between and may be this is much better for the consumer to get the best possible available product but yet it puts too much pressure on the manufacturers as they no longer have to compete on a domestic level but on a universal level and we will get to this point later in the cons and pros of globalization later. What is the difference between Globalization and Economic Globalization? We can simply state that the Globalization interests more in the development of science, and technology and exchanging knowledge. Yet the Economic Globalization interests more in the specific globalization of production, markets, competition, technology and corporations and industries. We can consider economic globalization as a result of human needs to expand and communicate and trade, Some can say that the Economic Globalization Phenomena have began a long time ago "4000 BC", this may be true if we considered a very early trade between some tribes in the ancient times as the starting of globalization. this may be the case but for sure this is some events along the history that boosted the process of globalization greatly such as: by the early 1990s; With advances in ship building...
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