The Economic and Cultural Responses of the Native Indians by the Spanish and the French

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Indigenous peoples of the Americas, Latin America Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: September 8, 2013
The Economic and Cultural Responses of the Native indians by the Spanish and the French

After Columbus came across the new world in 1492, it caused several countries to take interest in the land, and sparked the creation of several colonies, and establishments. However, before 1750, countries such as France and Spain both responded in different ways. The French, for example responded in a way that both benefited them mutually, and the Spanish, they helped the native tribes in a way that benefited them culturally, but not so in a way economically, like the French.

When the French arrived at the new world, they came in contact with the native tribe of the area, the Huron tribe. When the french arrived, they made a small settlement,called the colony of Quebec. Soon discovering the native tribe, the Huron, they respected their culture and religion, and respond without violence, and they even helped the tribe fight against the Iroquois tribes, even though the Colonists were threatened by the Iroquois. They also engaged in trade with the tribe, trading goods, such as knives and beads, for the ever growing fur trade, which was high in demand in France. Doing so also indirectly boosted the economy of the Native Americans, benefiting both sides of the trade. The French also never encroached on the land of the Natives, being respectful to the tribe, as well as the land, even though this may be because the Colonists were so few in number, But being so few in number also had it’s benefits as well. Compared to the British, they did not seem like invaders, but traders looking for fur. They also didn’t use violence to initiate trade with the Indians, they did not oppress them, and they openly shared ideas with each other, befriending the natives.

The Spanish however, took a different approach to the new world. When the Spanish arrived in present day south america, they came across the Aztecs. When the Aztecs saw the horses and the guns, Moctezuma thought that Hernán was...
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