The Eagle Poem

Topics: Suicide, Meaning of life, Linguistics Pages: 1 (426 words) Published: November 8, 2006
In Tennysons essay, The Eagle, he depicts a descriptive scene but denoted it has a different meaning that is underlying. The poem could have several different interpretations. The interpretation that our group discussed in class was that he was a suicidal but powerful yet lonely man. In line one the words, crooked hands, could mean that the guy was powerful but because he did shady dealings in business and that it was psychologically messing with his psyche. Also in line one the words, clasps the crag, this meaning is that he wants to end his life by gripping onto the edge of a cliff and then letting go and he will be letting all his problems be released. In line two, it is describing being at the top of the chain of command is great position but can be lonely at the same time and cause seclusion. In line four, the word crawls, is meant to be literal because the sea does look like it is crawling beneath him because of the tides and ripples. The connotative meaning could mean the shady people he dealt with are crawling beneath him as if they were below him in social status ranking. In line five, the author states, " he watches from his mountain walls," this means the man sees life from his perspective and that he is a loner who has secluded himself in the world before he is about to commit suicide. The last line in the poem has the most meanings. In line six, the words, like a thunderbolt he falls. Thunderbolts are quick, powerful, forceful and demand respect. This man is just like a thunderbolt in those same areas and aspects. He was possibly in a high powered position. His short reign in this world has been cut short but he also had a impact on the many lives he reached out to in the past. In conclusion this poem is about a powerful. High positioned man. He is at the top of his social and economic status level but is still unhappy and unable to find the true meaning of happiness. He is lonely in the end and concludes his life by committing...
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