The Dynamite

Topics: Dynamite, Explosive material, Nitroglycerin Pages: 4 (1545 words) Published: June 10, 2013
During the industrial revolution, many amazing inventions arose and because of them the world changed. Some of these inventions affected the world in a positive way and solved many problems. Yet other inventions were the cause of misery to the entire human kind. What about an invention that caused both joy and misery? It’s an invention that affects our world until this day. This invention is the Dynamite. Let me first introduce you to the inventor of the dynamite. The dynamite was invented by Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel in 1866. Let me now tell you how this dynamite affected the industrial era. It was created so it can be used in construction, mining and demolition. It was used to carve in the mountains in order to create railroads and because of the dynamite, people found gold and silver easily. It did the job of weeks in ten seconds. Some of the main accomplishments of the dynamite were that it bored a 5-mile-long hole in Hoosac Mountain, Massachusetts, to provide a train route. Not to mention that in the rising of the industrial revolution, many factories and mines started opening thus increasing the order of the dynamite.Nobel had intended to market dynamite as an alternative to gunpowder for large-scale construction work such as roads and tunnel building but unfortunately people started using it in war and then it became the main cause of the grief of mankind. But what is this explosive really composed of and what enables it to create such an explosion?

The dynamite is an explosive that usually consists of a mixture of nitro-glycerine or nitro starch, sodium nitrate, and an absorbent such as wood flour, sawdust or charcoal to cushion the nitro-glycerine from shock. The nitro-glycerine is often mixed with ingredients which depress its freezing point, so that the dynamite may be used under conditions of low temperature. Oxidizing agents are included in most dynamites in order to reduce the amount of carbon monoxide and other...
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