The Dynamic Duo of John and Samuel Adams

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The Dynamic Duo of John and Samuel Adams
Two of the most dangerous men in Boston during the time of the revolutionary war were the Adams’ brothers. Though they were not brothers at all, they were in fact they were second cousins. They both had similar ideals about independence but came from different backgrounds. In time John Adams would become the more recognized Adams’ mostly in part to becoming the 1st vice president then later elected as the 2nd president of the United States. John Adams could also be well known for his heated debates with political rival Thomas Jefferson. Samuel Adams on the other hand is thought to be one of the main agitators the sparked the interest of independence among the colonies and influenced John Adams’ ideas on the subject. Today most people associate the name Samuel Adams with the popular Boston beer brewing company. Though Samuel Adams was from Boston and a brewer himself, he was not a very good one. Thankfully his recipes were not used in the Boston lager that we know today.

If we were to wander the fields of Braintree Massachusetts around 1745 we might have encountered a bright young 10 year old skipping school and searching for direction in life. This little boy would be John Adams. John Adams was born in 1735 in Braintree Massachusetts about 12 miles south of Boston. Braintree was a farming community and residents there where rooted deep in their faith. This is where John Adams would grow up, and his father being a devout Protestant farmer tried to instill these values in his son. John Adams’ father wanted nothing more than for his son to be a minister. At the time this was the most noble and spiritually rewarding job one could have. John didn’t share this view with his father and would often skip school to daydream and frolic in the fields. One day when his father found out about his truancy, John said he was fine settling to be a farmer and didn’t see a need to go back to school. John’s father was thought to be an...
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