The Drover

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The droverThe drover’s wife
The story is about a family living out in the bush in Australian. The woman is alone with her kids while her husband is out working. The family is poor and the husband is therefore forced to be away from his family and work. A day normal day one of the children suddenly sees a dangerous snake and the bushwoman get her kids together and make sure the snake won’t have a chance to bite them.  Finally she is able to catch the snake with help from their dog, Alligator. Character/analysis of the main character

Describe the bushwoman:

• ''The gaunt, sun-browned bushwoman''

• When the child see the snake and yell:
‘‘Dashes from the kitchen (Bushwoman)''

• She talks bad to the children:
''Come here at once when I tell you, you little '-wretch!''

• The dog is hunting the snake, but they won’t have him to risk being bit because they can't effort to lose him -> poor family: ''They cannot afford to lose him.''

• She have 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls:
''They are two boys and two
Girls -mere babies.''

Care for her children
• ''She makes a bed on the kitchen table for the children, and sits down beside i t to watch all night.'' Discuss why the woman is described like this, why she isn’t given a name The women in the story isn’t presented as a person with a name, but she is just supposed to be a symbol of how women where back then.
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