The Drover's Wife

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The Drover’s Wife, by Henry Lawson

The Drover’s wife, by Hanry Lawson, expresses about a poor drover family, which the wife with four children lived apart from her husband. One night there was a snake in the partition of her house. To deal with this situation, she let her children sleep in the kitchen, but she stayed awake with Alligator, a dog, to look after her children from the snake. While she stayed awake, she thought of the unpleasant situations that she’d faced and how sorrow life she had crossed. Finally, the snake came out; she killed it.

I am interested in the drover’s wife among all characters in this story according to two reasons. One of the reasons is I think she is incredibly independent person; although her husband lives far away from her, she still can live by herself and take care of four children independently. She can deal with heart broken, sorrow, loneliness, and she even can encourage herself to kill the snake. Last, she’s sacrificial mother. As a mother, she sacrificed a lot. She didn’t sleep for a whole night in order to protect her children from the snake. Moreover, she even rode nineteen mile, carrying her death child, in order to find some help. These points show that there isn’t many mother can do this.

When I finished reading this story, I realized that life seems very difficult to deal with. Therefore, we should always be strong to accept all unpleasant things that will happen. According to the drover’s wife life, she could cope with all kind of horrible things that happened to her; she still lived independently. Moreover, I think people have to be self-control all the time; they cannot succeed in doing something unless they can control their physic and mental. In the story, the drover’s wife had self-control. As a result, she can protect her children from the snake. This story offers people a lot of good lessons to practice in their life. It is a really interesting story; therefore, I cannot take my eyes out of it. I would...
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