The Drover's Wife

Topics: Marriage, Snake, Family Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: March 20, 2007
There are a lot of reasons to both pity and admire the Drover's wife. She has many resonsibilities. She has been left to maintain a household in the middle of nowhere with four children will her husband is absent. For her courage, love and devotion to keep her children safe from harm and to keep the place in order is to be admired. However, for her lack of socialisation, time and not having a man around to help her I pity her.

The Drover's wife showes courage by overcoming everything that the bushman life throws at her. For example, the snake is an obstacle in which she has to comvercome to protect her children from possible death. Another would be fighting against the bushfires to proect her home and the floods to protect a dam which her husband spent a long time digging out.

She shows love and devotion to her children by defending them against the sanke. Although she is tired, she stays away to make sure that none of her children are attacked.

Her willingness to keep the place in order is nothing short of amazing. She has fought off bushfires and floods just so they do not lose their possessions. Her determination to keep the place the same as when her husband left is also to be admired.

The fact that she only has her 4 children to socialise with is something that I pity about her. She has no other adult company within reach. The only company she gets is when a bushman gets hungry and finds her house. It's the wrong kind of company though. As she has no man around the house, these drifters often give her a hard time.

Not having her husband around would be hard for the Drover's wife. She would be lonely even though she has her children. It means that she is too busy filling in for her husband while he is away that she never gets time to spend with the children. In which case she thinks the children don't realise how much she loves them.

In conclusion, I have given 3 examples of which you can admire the Drover's wife, being, courage, love and...
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