The Drive Systems and Their Roles of Rotary Kiln

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Rotary kiln is composed of main drive system and auxiliary drive system, and kiln and cooler transmission system are relatively simple. Rotary kiln has two drive systems and their roles are: The main drive system are composed of main motor, reducer, gear, ring gear, and cylinder. When sufficient speed ratio and capacity of the reducer are deficient, you can add a semi-open gear drive between the reducer and gear ring gear, and a small number of kilns can be added a belt drive between the motor and reducer. The role of the auxiliary drive is to rotate the kiln on a regular basis when the main motor or the main power go wrong, in order to avoid the bending of rotary kiln caused by the temperature difference between the top and bottom of it, and to ensure that the cylinder can stay in a given location in the brickwork or maintenance. The prime mover of the auxiliary drive, the majority of which is the motor, is power-supplied by the power different from the main motor and can also use Internal combustion engine to dispense with a power supply. There is an auxiliary reducer between the auxiliary motor and main gear box, the role of which is to achieve the request of the increase of speed ratio. Auxiliary motor should be equipped with brakes to prevent kiln’s reversal caused by the emphasis of materials and bricklaying when the motor stops. The kiln reversal rate is often close to or above the normal speed, if at that time the auxiliary drive is not torn off and the reducer will become an accelerator, in that case the speed of auxiliary reducer and the motor will be over the normal speed and reach a million revolutions per minute, so as to cause danger . To this end, the electrical chain is required between the two machines. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of operation, there should be a mechanic-electrical interlock between the clutch and main motor to prevent the start of main motor when the clutch is not disengaged.

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