the dream of the rood

Topics: Crucifixion of Jesus, Cross, Oneiromancy Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: January 14, 2014
Jorge Hernandez
The Dream of the Rood reflection:
Section 1: Biblical illusion is used in the dream of the rood when the “dreamer” is having a dream of Jesus’ crucifixion from the roods point of you. When the author refers to Jesus, he is making a biblical illusion by using reference to either someone or a story that accord in the bible. The author also uses the repetition of the word “I” throughout his whole poem. The significance of the repetition of the word “I” is so the reader can see the “doubling” of characters and be able to tell the difference in the too. Section 2(A): I would give my preparation an excellent because I feel i really did such an amazing job and contributed a lot of information. I think I would rate my contribution as good because I feel like I could have maybe gave more information but I think over all my contributions to the group where pretty good. The level of team worker was just astonishing; everyone really worked together and feed of each other’s ideas. Personally, I could have maybe improved the Socratic circle by maybe speaking a bit more and sharing some of the ideas that pondered in my head. Section 2(B): I would rate my group’s preparation an excellent because everyone was very well prepared and had a lot of background information. I would rate the quality of the overall conversation of our inner circle as very good. We had a very positive conversation and people where able to feed off each other’s ideas and really help grasp meaning and concepts of things such as who the rood was and the meaning of doubling. The amount of team work displayed in the circle was excellent; everyone talked and contributed their ideas and their understanding of things, which helps other get a better view of the poem. Section 3(A): In “The Dream of the Rood”, the author employs repetition of the word “I” to reveal “doubling” of character and to show the reader the two different speakers throughout the poem. Section 3(B): “The...
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