The Dream Hotel

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Introduction: The process of building a hotel is never easy. Building a hotel like the Burj Al Arab would seem an almost impossible task given the fact that the man behind the whole idea wanted a building that would cross all boundaries be it in terms of luxury, size and other factors to become the world’s first 7 star hotel. So what were some of the principles applied when building this magnificent building? Vision

Definition - Unusual competence in discernment or perception; intelligent foresight: a leader of vision. Other definitions include:
2. The manner in which one sees or conceives of something.
3. A mental image produced by the imagination.
4. The mystical experience of seeing as if with the eyes the supernatural or a supernatural being. 5. A person or thing of extraordinary beauty.
In building this particular hotel, the Sheikh has shown vision as have the architects because they have thought of an idea that has never ever been done before. i.e. a hotel so luxurious in every way possible such that it stands out from all the other existing hotels in every aspect, design, looks, facilities, comfort, luxury, world’s tallest hotel, world class accommodation and facilities, most technologically advanced meeting and conference facilities available. In simple words - A 7 STAR HOTEL: Never before seen or done. Main architect – Tom Wills-Wright Application in daily life

Many a time we vision ourselves at a particular point in the future, be it 10 years to come, a few months, days or hours, as someone, or having something that we want so much or even having become somebody in life. Vision is what enables us from time to time to keep working towards achieving both our long-term and short-term goals, be it getting a certain grade, getting a well paying job or even a stable relationship that would eventually lead to a successful marriage. This therefore renders vision very applicable to our day to day lives. Vision can help us achieve that which we can only see in our dreams and turn it into reality. The millionaires, the hunger to gain stardom and become popular or famous all start with having a vision! Patience

Definition - The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. The whole team involved in building this magnificent hotel has shown a lot of patience all through the 5 years at various points which include: 1- During the interior decorating which required the building to be cooled down and the process was going to take almost a year. 2- While doing the interior some of the exotic finishing touches were extremely delicate for instance the wood finish and gold leaf tiling as well as the marble which was needed to be put right at the end and this was quite complicated. 3- Patience was shown when testing the exoskeleton against the wind test and climatic conditions to see if it would manage to hold up or not. 4- Patience shown by the architect who moved from his original place of living and went to stay in Dubai for all the 5 years and more that it took to construct the Burj Al Arab. Application in daily life

Patience is a well known virtue but one that is hardly put into practice. More often than not, we would always expect others to be patient with us but we do not practice patience with others. Patience is mainly seen during the group work as the people learn to appreciate others as well as building team work among themselves. It takes some time to get used to someone's behavior as well as character, patience thus comes in handy in such situations.

Innovation & Creativity
Definition - Innovation is to introduce something new, make changes. It involves taking a working product or process and adding something new to it. When a change is made to a process to make it work better or fulfills a different need it is innovating on what already exists. Creativity on the other hand is when you cause something to come into...
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