The Dream Country

Topics: Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Arabian Peninsula Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: October 10, 2013
Bader al Ishaq
The Dream Country
Have you ever dreamed about a perfect country? My dream country has many good things and that why it’s a dream. Country is the land of one’s birth or citizenship. This country is my dream country and there are some reasons that make me dream about it. In my opinion the good country should be peaceful, supportive and it has jobs.

First, a peaceful country is a quiet and calm place. We all know the peaceful country is free from war. When there is a war there is blood and people dying. The peaceful country should also be free from crime. Because the peaceful country is safe and it has less crime and the last thing in the peaceful country are respectful people. For instance, Saudi Arabia has respectful people and it is respectful country. In short, did you ask yourself if the country needs to be supportive?

Second, a supportive country gives help and encouragement to the people in at least in three ways. Free medicine helps people to be protected. For example, Saudi Arabia is one of the supportive countries and it gives free medicine to the people. The free education is also important for people to help them learn and make life easier. For instance, schools are free in Yemen and it helps poor people learn because they don’t have enough money to pay for school. After that , the free hospitals are the most important thing in our life because in these days the hospitals are expensive and you should have health insurance to cover the cost. In my opinion, we all need a supportive country to make our life happy and easy, but does my dream country have good jobs?

Lastly, the jobs in my dream country and It is the work that a person dose regularly in order to earn money also its important to have one of this three things high salary, short time work and provide good benefits. First of all, the high salary and it's important for people to support their family. For example, some companies pay a high salary....
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