The Dowry System

Topics: Marriage, Dowry, Woman Pages: 3 (967 words) Published: March 28, 2013
My beloved girl,
I love you...
I care you...
I want you...
I am constructing these high walls so that you will be secured… You stay in this kitchen that no one else would stare at my beloved… I will look after you well because your father has paid me well and full... You are my great treasure. So I am locking you up in these heavy chains that no one will take away you... Don’t move. I will protect you...Because,

You are my beloved wife…
India is a great land that has its rich heritage from the Vedic culture. From the very beginning of civilizations itself women had a great prominence in the society. She was worshipped as a deity, she was given respect and even the nature or the ‘prakrithi ’ was considered to be a woman. The later period witnessed a gradual transition and a gender discrimination occurred leading to the marginalization of women. We see in the epic, Ramayana saying that woman has to be protected by her father in her adolescent period, husband in the youth and by her son in her old age. The woman does not deserve freedom any time. There were customs that ‘bought’ beautiful young bride to the family after ‘paying’ a good amount to bride’s parents. Even in this cyber century we see this being followed deliberately in the educated society and the greatest, disgusting evil that comes out of this marginalization is the “dowry system” or as it is presently called ‘The gift system’ .An embryo formed with two X chromosome is hunted from the very stage when it is called ‘she’ or ‘girl’. And then it is what Simon de Bouveire said, “A WOMAN IS NOT BORN. SHE IS MADE”.          A girl child born to a family often hears,’ look, you are a girl’. This is how the stereotyping occurs. She is taught certain ‘norms’ that society constructed, forced to do certain assigned duties and is brought up to be a good wife and good mother. She is expected to be caring, loving, passionate, sacrificing, and hardworking and express the so called ‘feminine qualities’....
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