The double standard

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The Double Standard

With a Nike basketball shoes, and they are double cushion PU soles sold in the world, but it became the single cushion when the shoes are sold in China. What’s more, the price is 500 yuan higher than abroad. In the U.S., the price is $ 125 (about 800 yuan), and there are two ZOOM cushion. Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau believes that Nike engaged in "double standards" on the product, and the Nike company discriminate Chinese and foreign consumers, and it against the Chinese consumers, then impose a fine of 4.87 million yuan Nike.

Because each country's tax on imported shoes are not the same, which may lead to the price of domestic and foreign Nike shoes are difference, but even a single cushion Nike shoes air cushion expensive than double one, that make us incredible.

The one of the most direct reason is that such a big company like Nike, the influence of brand lead people to believe it. It is also because a significant number of PVC soles are sold in many countries, which leads to dare to take the quality of defective goods, to sell for a higher price.

On the other hand, Nike dare so, it is because Nike did not fully follow the equal treatment of national consumer business philosophy. We should admit that the characteristics of the countries are not the same, the demand for sports shoes have their own characteristics, but in any case, holding a single-cushion shoes but higher than the price of the double air cushion, so contrary to the law of value and business ideas things that can actually happen openly in China, which can give people more surprised.

As the RMB against the U.S. dollar exchange rate differences, we cannot insist with the price of Nike products are exactly the same in different countries. But at least the price of the defective shoes is not higher than the good quality shoes. This is the rule of the commodity market. Nike uses of its Chinese consumers trust to make a profit.

As an international...
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