The Double Jeopardy Clause

Topics: Crime, Law, Capital punishment, Criminal justice, Police, Prison / Pages: 2 (282 words) / Published: Jan 31st, 2016
After reading the entire plot synopsis four times, and reading everything possible about the Double Jeopardy clause. I can honestly say I found this case extremely interesting and have a strong desire to watch this movie. Now this case if Libby was to actually murder Nick at the end of the movie would certainly involve a massive amount of investigations, questions, and laws.
Now throughout the movie she did in fact commit multiple offenses from deceiving a parole officer, to handling a stolen weapon, breaking parole, and numerous others. Her parole officer had also committed numerous offenses on his own as well as with Libby. There would be so much red tape that went with this that it would be nearly impossible to get to the bottom of the

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