The Double Burden of Disease in Tonga

Topics: Nutrition, Epidemiology, Medicine Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: April 30, 2012
Committee: World Health Organization
Topic: The Double Burden of Disease
Country: The Kingdom of Tonga
Delegates: E.Y.A

Double burden of disease refers to the dual burden of non-communicable (NCD) and infectious diseases upon the low and middle-income countries. NCD’s such as cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and diabetes due to the effect of globalization which cause dramatic changes in lifestyle that lead to malnutrition are emerging and imposing now a new burden to those countries with limited resources. Yet they are still struggling to meet the challenges of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. Tonga is country in the Pacific Ocean and non-communicable disease such as diabetes and complications of diabetes are most prominent. For this, Tonga is highly concerned about the resolutions related to this topic.

The Kingdom of Tonga believes that in order to eliminate this double burden disease, promoting nutritional knowledge has a key role in doing so. However, Tonga realizes that promoting knowledge alone is not enough. Therefore there is a need for quality-assured immunization and integration of essential health services. Guidance and support from developed countries is also needed to develop policy plans, and strategy for scaling towards effective interventions or partnerships that provide continuum of care throughout nations effected.

In 2003, Tonga has made a commitment to promote healthy lifestyles and supportive environment, called the Tonga Commitment 2003. The focus is on lifestyle health issues to support and plan in areas such as the prevention of non-communicable diseases, environmental health, HIV/AIDS and communicable disease surveillance.

The Tonga Health Promotion Foundation, established in February 2009 with funding from Australia, provided grants to community activities which reduce non-communicable diseases including diabetes, heart and lung disease. In December 2009 the first grants were awarded for...
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