The Donner Party

Topics: Donner Party, Sierra Nevada, Eating Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: February 7, 2015
The Donner Party

In the spring of 1846, a group of 81 emigrants left Springfield and headed up to the Wild West. 40 adults and 41 Children were to embark on this traitorous journey, would they all make it? Two brothers, Jacob and George Donner, led the dinner party. The group attempted of embarking through a brand new route, this route was meant to be a shorter quicker route to California. California is a land of New Hope a land and to start a fresh life. It’s meant to be more accepting in California and meant to be cheaper and less populated than the east. The donner party was pretty well equipped with wagons and cattle. However they did not take experienced people with them to guide them through the harsh journey to California.

The journey proved harder than they thought and it took longer than it intended to. By the time they reached the Sierra Nevada they had almost no food left. They had eaten through the rations they took, left with food that would not last the rest of the journey to California. Panic ran through the party as they came to the realization that food supplies wouldn’t last. Not a single member of the donner party demonstrated a decent skill for fishing or hunting, although many of them did volunteer to find food. They often were not successful and when hunting would end up dyeing from injury or froze to death in snowstorms. The snowstorms killed many form this party, it wasn’t only the snowstorms and terrible weather that killed many died from starvation. In October 1846 the party was trapped on a mountain during winter because of the lack of food many died here from starvation, they lacked the strength to hunt for food and the snow meant that chances of finding food were indeed very slim. Things got worse… In order for survival for the living half of the party, the party would begin cannibalism on friends and family. The party would roast the dead of the party and eat them in order for there own survival. They would label the dead...
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