The Doctrine of the Sword Ii

Topics: Problem solving, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Nonviolence Pages: 3 (1010 words) Published: January 17, 2010
“The Doctrine of the Sword II” (456)
Mahatma Gandhi was the first role-model activist that used nonviolence tactics on the process to fight for civil rights and freedom. “The Doctrine of the Sword II” was one of Gandhi’s writings to answer the questions about his point of view on the use of violence. He utilized a resource of the time to deliver his message. Sword is the keyword used repeatedly to emphasize Gandhi’s aversion to violence. The text also serves as a motivation to answer the doubt his followers had of his beliefs.

Gandhi was a politician and spiritual leader who led India to its independence. Gandhi’s goal was to have India to be the first country to use the non-violence and diplomacy to solve problems. Gandhi founded Satyagraha: a combination of his personal beliefs that focused on non-violence principles. The use of Satyagraha was the ultimate aspiration Gandhi had for India. His idea encountered some skepticism from some of his followers. Gandhi often received house visits questioning his Satyagraha doctrine and some even sent anonymous letters calling him a coward for approaching to problems with the use of non-violence approach to problems. Those problems were first addressed on the “The Doctrine of the Sword I” (Gandhi, 453). Like the first message, “The Doctrine of the Sword II” was a response to those questions asked by the people looking for guidance on Gandhi’s point of views. Additionally, he used an original form of delivering his messages. In Gandhi’s time, pamphlets were to communication as the internet is to the world today. In the early 1900s, pamphlets were a popular way to influence the population. Gandhi was a genius when it came to delivering his message, like a true leader with a political agenda he used the resources of the time, “pamphlets” on this case as the best way to spread his views in form of propaganda. Pamphlets were simple and affordable to make and were easily sold and delivered. Since pamphlets were easily...

Cited: Gandhi, Mahatma. "The Doctrine of the Sword II." Cultural Conversations. Ed. Dilks, Hansen, Parfitt. Bedford/St Martin’s, 2001. 456-459.
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