The Doctrine of God

Topics: God, Trinity, Monotheism Pages: 3 (1185 words) Published: May 14, 2009
The Doctrine of God

What I learned about the Doctrine of God is God’s existence, first of all. God existence is definitely taken for granted in the Bible. The writers of the Old and New Testament knew God existed so they thought it pointless to put it in there. Jacobi said, “A God capable of proof is no God at all.” So if God had to prove He existed, then that would take all of the power out of God Being God. So, in the Bible God existing is an understood matter. The arguments for the existence of God is a completely different matter. God’s existence was known to the people in the Bible, but the people in todays society believe anything they want to. God’s existence is simple. Everyone has a built in feeling that there is a supreme being somewhere, most are just confused who that supreme being is. They believe this supreme being is morally responsible and the propitiation needs to be directed towards it. David Livingstone was in the jungles of Africa where people believed that the tribes possessed absolutely no idea or conception of God. Livingstone’s father-in-law, Mofat, also believed this to be true, so Livingstone, after thourough studies of the languages and customs, proved Mofat and the other belivers wrong. The universal belief in God doesn’t come from any outside source. It only comes from within the man. I believe God “installed” this in us and in our conscious so that we, as humans, would naturally want to turn to Him and worship Him as the Creator of all things. There are many arguments for the existence of God. They are as follows: the argument from cause:Cosmologic; the argument from design: teleological; the argument from being: ontological; the moral argument: anthropological; the argument from congruity; and the argument from Scripture. Now we are on to the nature of God. The Nature of God is based on several things. First of all the Spirituality of God. What that basically means is that God is a Spirit. But you have to remember...
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