The Divide

Topics: United States, Immigration to the United States, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (594 words) Published: October 13, 2006
Anthony Paris September 12, 2006
SOC244 "Matters of Race: the Divide"

The documentary, "The Divide", was very informative and enlightening. It focused on a specific area in America (Siler City) and the many effects that race has on it. The video focused on Siler City, North Carolina because it has been a hotspot of racial controversy over the years. Many issues have risen in Siler City that are prime examples if not better examples of problems involving race throughout the country. The Mexicans that are immigrating to Siler City are doing so mainly to work and provide a better life for themselves or their families. In Mexico they are not able to work throughout the year because their crops are in seasons. If the Mexicans did not find work in their "time off" they would have no money. There are no other jobs in Mexico for them so they immigrated to America and then Siler City because of the many companies and factories there were to work for. These companies and factories would give many jobs to immigrants that were difficult but manageable and pay them less then minimum wage. The immigrants did not care that they are being underpaid because being paid at all was a good thing for them. The process of this was unpopular with many Americans who saw them as stealing American jobs but it was accepted by others who realized that the jobs were not jobs that any Americans typically want to have. More problems arose with people when immigrants who came to work, moved their families with them and began to ask for additional services and certain places, especially school, became overcrowded. Many people, as said in the documentary, connected the rise in crime, abuse, DWIs, etc with the Mexicans who immigrated to their city. These problems show that the residences of Siler City's racial tendencies most likely stem from the Scapegoating Theory of racism. This theory of racism involves the blaming of a race for the problems caused to one's race. In this...
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