The Diversity

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Trey Biddings
Period 4

Written Response

1.) Tim Keller is trying to communicate to the reader that there is one consensus message in the gospel as well as in the entire bible.

2.) - First main point Keller says that he think that each gospel is different just expressed in different ways. I think that we cant take one version of the gospel that we like we have to see the gospel from all different aspects. Also Keller says that there is no perfect way to teach the gospel.

-Second main point Keller says that he thinks that Dudd is right when he says that there is a consensus message in the entire bible. Keller says that bible is basically thee gospel from many different points of view.Also that we as followers of christ have an obligation to study those different versions of the gospel.

-Third main point Keller refers to the text and says that paul said wether it was I or they so we preached and so you believed . I think what paul is trying to say is that the way i preached the gospel and the they preached the gospel is not the exactly the same but there is a general message behind it.

3.) I always looked at the bible as diffrenet stories all put together to talk about what god wants of us . After reading Kellers article it opened my mind to what the true purpose of the gospel and it has just one message that god wants to have a relationship with you but your sins separate you from god jesus died for you and your sins that you deserve punishment for so if repent and trust in god for your salvation. I have now come to realize that is indeed the consensus message in the bible and that every other gospel is just another form of this message.

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