The Diverse Nature of Psychology Paper

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The Diverse Nature of Psychology Paper
Kristina Gonzalez
August 01, 2013
Darin Browser-Anderson

Diverse Nature of Psychology
Fifty four divisions in the American Psychological Association are distinct within the diverse nature of psychology. Each division deals with a different appearance of human interactions and with a different outlook of psychology (Plante, 2011). Assumptions within psychology spread through human interactions along with sciences and additional disciplines. Through psychological science diverse analyzes and supports an assortment of perceptions and perspectives, recognizing and serving the character of human experience (Plante, 2011). Major concepts are influenced by psychological diversity and a different perspective is contributed to an individual’s behavior. Considering extended and diverse nature the complete psychology has a larger ability to enclose humanity’s complex (Plante, 2011). Diversity Influence on Psychology Major Concepts

The cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, humanistic and perspectives, varied perceptions of human behavior, each offers an absolute theory on human nature, or a unfamiliar solution to a psychological challenge (Landrum, 2010). Different appearances of human behavior are maintained by each major concept, such as spiritual, unconscious factors, social, and cognitive. The diverse natures of reasonable thought between the human populations are reflected by the assortment of concurrence of variation and perspectives (Landrum, 2010). No two psychologists view each aspect in the same way just as two individuals do not perceive a situation in the same way. According to theories combined under perspective or characteristic of psychology the main concepts explain and define human behavior (Landrum, 2010).

Alternatively the thought of diverse may appoint to an extensive area of thought, however may limit the capability of focusing on one specific idea...
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