The Diverse Nature of Psychology

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The Diverse Nature of Psychology
Dawn Morris
December 16, 2013
Cassandra Ferreira
The Diverse Nature of Psychology
Psychology itself attempts to define people’s behavior through aspects of the human minds ability to process information and stimulants. The diversity of psychology is very evident within the many different branches of the American Psychological Association, each addressing a unique perspective within psychology of understanding human behavior (Plante, 2011). This diversity within psychology, allows psychologists the ability to expand in all areas of explanation, assessment, and diagnoses, which furthers the science of psychology through many different subfield specialties. This paper will discuss the subfields of psychology, the importance of diversity, and the practical applications of psychological principles. The Impact of Diversity in Psychology

Each of the major concepts within psychology emphasizes different parts of human behavior, such as the cognitive, social, spiritual, and unconscious factors, which contribute to a person’s behavior. One main defining feature of psychology is that it is a data based scientific study of behavior, in which each step of research used to procure knowledge has contributed to advancements in the development of sound theories within psychology. Three important features related to the science of psychology include the use of systematic empiricism, the production of public awareness, and the examination of problems (Plante, 2011). Psychology attempts to understand and explain psychological phenomenon using empirical techniques to advance scientifically. As the study of psychology progresses, it has further advanced into a diverse field. Subfields within Psychology

Some of the major divisions of psychology include clinical psychology, psychotherapy, forensic psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, and environmental psychology. These major fields of psychology then...

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