The Diliman Files: To Ban Or Not To Ban?

Pages: 5 (1193 words) Published: December 6, 2014

To Ban or Not To Ban
Every human is born adventurous and curious. In this process of discovery, everyone experiences ups and downs, happiness and sadness. Different emotions can be felt by one’s heart. It is in this state where people often find avenues to release deep-seated emotions, frustrations, confidential matters or confessions. The question is, would you post something bothering you on social media such as Facebook or Twitter; or would you rather find solace by reading other people’s blogs and confessions shared on online communities?
It is a social reality that those options are the most preferred ones. During early days of communication, people with pent-up emotions would share how they felt with close friends or either have a secret...

It is a Facebook page where you can share secrets without introducing who you are. Currently, it has more or less 87 thousand likes. If you want to confess something, you should fill up a Google form ( containing your confession and the code name you want to include. According to one of the administrators of the page, “The creators of The Diliman Files understand the need for a ‘confession page’ for the Diliman community to express their inner selves and release the tensions or pressures inside them. The concept of anonymity is very important for individuals to have the courage to tell it...

I used to access Overheard when I was in high school. I was really an avid fan of it; reading posts on it became my past time. Moreover, I started using TDF months before the August 2014 opening of classes in the university. At first sight, I actually liked its concept of a confession page. I enjoyed reading crush admissions, love stories, friendship-war dramas, professor reviews, epic failures happening inside the campus premises, grade-conscious problems and a lot more confessions. Aside from Overheard, TDF became a form of relaxation for me. However, one time, as I indulged myself reading the posts, I started to feel uncomfortable and bothered. I began to dislike it due to its very mature content about bisexual relationships, sexual activities and harsh use of words. With all these, I found myself restraining my drive to visit the page once again. Now that I am in college, I resolved on the idea not to use it again due to the past imprints it embarked on my mind. Lately, I heard that users 16 years of age and below are banned from visiting the page. This information encouraged me to revisit it and evaluate improvements that happened since...
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