The Digitization of Media

Topics: Data transmission, Epistemology, Ideology, Sociology, Technology / Pages: 2 (268 words) / Published: Jan 28th, 2014
The Digitization of Media Media Music and Video) have been an ever changing format. No one media format has lasted for more than a few years. Advancements in media technology are now becoming the calibration marks for history's major paradigmatic shifts. "Mediology," even, is a recognized and ever-expanding field of study. French radical theoretician, Regis Debray, for instance, proposes three historical ages of transmission technologies: the logosphere (the age of writing, technology, kingdom, and faith), the graphosphere (the age of print, political ideologies, nations and laws), and the newly born videosphere (the age of multimedia broadcasting, models, individuals, and opinions). Though these temporal strata have not been widely accepted, Debray's work exemplifies the fact that the technologies of transmission have taken on a position in our culture of vertiginous power --- almost omnipotence --- as media now get credit for shaping not only to the information we distribute and consume, but our powers of perception, our political, social and economic systems, and our general constructions of truth.
Over the last few years media began a shift which caused many businesses to rethink the way they do business and others to fail. Those that didn’t adapt or suffer from paradigm paralysis were doom to fail. Media is becoming more and more a digital format. The days of CD or DVD will soon be remembered with Atrac or LP. Businesses realized this shift and started to offer media in a form of download. Some became huge success like Netflix by offering media in a digital format and other went out of business, like Hollywood Video by not responding quickly.

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