The Digestive System

Topics: Digestion, Enzyme, Amylase Pages: 3 (746 words) Published: March 28, 2012
The Digestive system breaks down the ingested food into absorbable forms of nutrients and absorbs nutrients, ions and water from the external environment of the body. It is designed to maximize digestion and absorption. The functional structures of the digestive system are the passage, the glands like salivary glands, gastric glands, pancreatic, intestinal glands and liver. Also, the four layers of the digestive system are mucosa, submucosa, muscularis and serosa. The digestive system is regulated both by the Autonomic system and the Enteric nervous system. The major functions of the Digestive system are; passage and breakdown of food, destruction of ingested bacteria, viruses and toxins, Absorption of nutrients, Elimination of unwanted undigestible substances. In this lab, the enzymes that play a major role in digestion like amylase are going to be studied under the various conditions and a record of each of the conditions are taken to study the effect on the enzymes.

II: Methods
As stated before, the purpose of this lab was to study the role that enzymes play in the digestive tract. In the first part of the lab, we prepared a salivary amylase solution and aggregated acetic acid to detect the presence of mucin. Then, 4 test tubes were made of the following: Tube 1 = 3 ml starch + water + 37 degrees water bath; Tube 2 = 3 ml starch + saliva in water bath; Tube 3 = 3 ml starch (cooled) + 3 ml saliva (cooled) in ice bath; Tube 4 = 3 ml starch + 3 ml saliva 5 drops conc. HCL in water bath. An incubation period of 1 hour was followed and each was tested for starch and maltose. A similar procedure was repeated with pepsin, with the test tubes prepared as follows: Tube 1 = 5 ml pepsin 5% soln + 5 ml HCL (0.5)%; Tube 2 = 5 ml pepsin (5% soln)+ water 5 ml; Tube 3 = 5 ml HCL (0.5%) + 5 ml of water; Tube 4 = 5 ml pepsin 5% soln) + 5 ml NAOH (0.5%). Lastly, the above procedure was repeated with trypsin.

III. Results:...
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