The differences between two cultures

Topics: Family, Vietnamese cuisine, United States Pages: 4 (1184 words) Published: April 15, 2014
The differences between two cultures
There are so many countries in the world. As my grandmother taught me that each country has its own tradition and culture for example Japanese has kimono for its special festival, Kungfu is significant symbol of China or Pizza and Spaghetti are the characteristic food of Italia. Therefore when I came to America, I decided to search everything about this country. Then after 5 months in there, I found that Vietnam and The USA are very different from living style, festival to dining tradition. I will talk about them below. First of all, the most significant difference between America and Vietnam is the living style. As I lived in Vietnam for more than 19 years, I found that Vietnamese people are very busy, they have to work all the times include weekend to earn for their living. In rush hours, many people from the worker to the engineers spill over the street for their works or going home. That causes the traffic jam every day. Even though they are busy like that, still they spend a lot of time to take care of their children. Vietnamese parents are stricter than the Americans; they do not allow their children to hang out with their friends everyday or to sleep overnight in somewhere. In some family, some children cannot have girlfriends or boyfriends during middle school or high school. Moreover, Vietnamese parents may take care for their children throughout their children’s life. So the children can live with their parent in a house if they want. Therefore Vietnamese family is an extended family, which means one Vietnamese house may contain a huge family with many generations from the great grand parents to the great- grandchild. In addition, when the children grow up, they have the responsibility to take care their family including their parents. At that time, the parents will retire and spend lot of time at home with their children or their niece. Another special tradition of Vietnam is its married custom. Formerly, the...
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