The Differences Between the Men and Women's Behaviors Are Innate

Topics: Gender role, Gender, Mattel Pages: 4 (1415 words) Published: January 12, 2011
Zitian Li
Instructor Jimenez
English 101
12 Dec 2010
The differences between the men and women’s behaviors are innate As time goes by, the toys have changed a lot. Today, toys are not only children’s playthings but the epitome of today’s society in that different people choose different toys for many purposes. Just as Barthes says in “Toys”, “All the toys one commonly sees are essentially a microcosm of the adult world”(53). In other words, toys are reduced objects of us. Different children may like different toys. For example, boys like superheroes, cars, transformers or other toys which stand for power, speed or skill. But girls like toys such as dolls, Barbie for example, nursing tools or kitchen utensils which stand for loving-kindness and other feminine traits of a good mother. Seeing children play with toys, we can see that toys help children learn behaviors they might have in their future lives. Children choose different toys due to their different innate needs. By comparing the differences between Barbie dolls and Batman toys, we find that biology does play a role in gender identity which means socialization has nothing to do with the gender – specific behavior. Barbie dolls show the traditional gender roles in the traditional gender myth that a woman should be a good mother who should have traits like femininity, mother love, patience and honesty. The Barbie pool’s package is full of pink, which reflects that girls should be full of love. She is wearing a swimsuit and holding a water polo with her hands. That is lovely. The swimsuit fully displays her good figure which shapes a good mother image. The water polo stands for her love of pets. The towel she’s holding gives people a message that she’s going to bathe her puppies and she’s going to use the towel to dry her little puppies. Her actions show that she is a caring woman. Her sweet smile shows that she is very patient and lovely. The Barbie doll gives a lovely impression to everyone, and sets a...

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