The Differences Between Sierra Leone and China on Business Culture:

Topics: Han Chinese, Negotiation, Government Pages: 4 (1313 words) Published: June 29, 2013
Culture is the belief, behavior and attitude of group of the people, their values, their accumulated experience acquired over time, etc., hence, the issue of culture is vary in each society or nations. Every nation have their own cultural disposition. Therefore, each organization has their own culture that they practice and believed in in achieving their goals and objectives in order to maximize the shareholders profit and wealth. In international negotiation, each party should drawn up strategic points that encapsulate their priorities and predict the outcome of the negotiation meeting. This can be achieved, first by analyzing the national culture of the other party and to understand their way of behavior and attitude, belief, values, etc. For the purpose of this assignment China would be the country chosen in fulfillment of this assignment as their culture of doing business and my country Sierra Leone has lots of differences. The People Republic of China:

According to Ghauri and Fang (1999) article on China business negotiation process, they highlighted three dimensions of country’s business culture as follows; 1) first to understand the country’s condition, 2) Confucianism and 3) their tricks China Condition as a whole: the article of Ghauri and Fang (1999) stated eight conditions needed to understand about China before entering into negotiation with them. 1) The country is a Maoist country and its political system has huge influences in the life of it people and their businesses. Hence, the country influences the decision of major business that attracts foreign direct investments, 2) their economic planning and policies are control by the government as their enterprises are not independent but control by the government who have greater influences in their economic activities, 3) their legal system is determine by the politician of the day, it is really not stable as their politician make laws based on their thinking of the day, therefore,...
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