The Difference Between a Ged and High School Diploma

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The Difference Between GED and High School Diploma



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A High School Diploma is harder to attain than a GED.

GED and a High School Diploma are both certificates which enables

students to go far higher levels.

When you complete high school you are rewarded a high school


GED is only a test given to evaluate if a person has a level of

knowledge of a high school person.

High school dropouts usually chooses to go this route for their GED.

The age difference which you can enroll in GED program is mostly 16

years of age.

You must not have graduated from high school or can’t be enrolled in

high school.

For a high school diploma, there is no minimum age, but you should

have completed the stipulated course work.

It usually takes up to four years to complete the course work to receive

an high school diploma, but sometimes it can be done in just 3 years.

The GED test only take seven hours at the most and It is based on five


Like high school diploma, the GED is also accepted in continuing your

college education, and for getting certain jobs.

The opportunities that a high school diploma holder gets are not

available for a person having a GED.

In order to get your GED you have to score at least 60% or higher.

You don’t have to study for a GED test, but I would recommend taking

a prep course or spending a good deal of time preparing.

When going to a University you may want to consider getting an hig

school diploma, or if it is possible spend a year a community college.

By doing this you would be able to demonstrate your academic skill to

a college or university.

If you just simply plan on going to work, your references, resume, and

job skills you bring to the table will be more important than you

having GED or high school diploma.

The GED is also easier than the high school diploma.

So as you can see I would rather have a high school diploma than a


I know that it takes longer to receive but I will do the work no matter

how much time it takes to complete the course work for a high school


Most teens drop out at sixteen years old.

When I was sixteen I never thought about quitting school.

I believe that it should be against the law to quit school.

Children education is very important in their lives.

Education is the best thing to have and if you don’t have one you will

be lost without it.

I believe that is why the GED program was created.

Whoever created this program should do away with this program.

Kids today take advantage of this program and don’t finish school.

The GED is just the easy way out for them because they only have to

sit in class for about a couple hours vs bout four years.

I don’t think you learn a lot in the GED courses versus what you will

learn in four years.

I also believe that if it can’t be against the law then however much

time it takes to get your diploma it should be the same.

Kids then would not have any other choice but to finish school.

It will present the opportunity to high school dropouts to know what it

feels like to work hard and earn a high school diploma.

When they do decide to get a good job they will be able to present their


Most jobs doesn’t care whether you have a diploma or GED but When

attending a university it’s best to have a diploma. It’s better when you

have completed all the main courses and some pre-college courses.

If you have just have GED then you have only taken a seven hour test

and hardly done any work. They also miss out on the chance to walk

across the stage and get your diploma.

Walking across the stage is a beautiful feeling and if kids drop out of

school they never get a chance to experience this feeling.

This is why I think they should...
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