The difference between two leaders

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Leadership Style Study
Spencer Turtoro
Professor Baker

The Big 3
“Leadership is simply causing other people to do what the leaders want. Good leadership, whether formal or informal, is helping other people rise to their full potential while accomplishing the mission and goals of the organization. All members of an organization, who are responsible for the work of others, have the potential to be good leaders if properly developed.” (Bob Mason) This method should be “thee” model of practice for universal leadership. For better or for worse, a good leader can influence people to ultimately do what they want. Throughout time we as a world have seen this with all powerful leaders. For better or worse, a good leader convinces a group of people to join their movement. Leaders influence the workforce by getting their employees excited about reaching a goal. They should do everything in their power to make their employees the best at what they do. Leaders influence the economy by setting trends and starting crazes in the economy to buy their products or follow their policies. The three leaders I will be discussing follow this very similar policy. First, Steve Jobs. The college dropout turned billionaire, started Apple out of his garage. The second, Barack Obama. Obama is the first black president in United States history. He came into office with problems from Bush and gave the major economy a word they wanted to hear. We all know that word to be change. The third is I. I’m a Connecticut boy who creates trends and has the power to influence people through my words and actions. These two leaders along with myself; share similarities and differences while also influencing the economy to want to be a part of change. Each of us comes from different backgrounds that make us unique in the making of a leader. Not only will I show you this through multiple SWOT analyses but through questions I will answer towards the end that will give my opinion on each of us. Steve Jobs SWOT Analysis

Connecting ideas with the right people to follow through with them. Steve Jobs was able to recognize who the main players were that could get a job done. He would take these people and put them in the same groups. He believed if they were in the same group they would all work together to follow through with his idea. Marketing. He had a knack for marketing. Jobs could anticipate the markets needs and wants and deliver this type of product to his client. Not only was the product always a good one, but one that would change the way people would see that product forever. He had the ability to see into 5-10 years into the future. But if he thought the market wasn’t ready to be introduced to that product yet, then he would carry it around with him and use it until it was ready. Ex. Jobs had the Iphone in his pocket some 5 years before it was going to be released. He saw where the phone market was and realized the consumer wasn’t ready for a phone of this magnitude. Eventually they would want it, but nobody was innovative enough to see the possibilities of what a phone could actually do except him. Created strong teams. Steve recognized who could come together to form strong teams and would present them with an idea for them to get the job done. Charismatic about his work and company. We would get to see this as a consumer at the annual Apple meetings. He would introduce a new product and get his employees and consumers excited to want to be apart of innovation. He would make his employees see the potential of an idea and make them work harder. He would make the consumer stir crazy about wanting to buy the new product that would cause people to wait in lines when the product was to be released. Optimistic. When Jobs found out he had pancreatic cancer, he didn’t let it get to him. He didn’t allow this disease to stop him from working at Apple or making new products. Every day he continued to go to work and not...

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