The Difference Between the Celebrity Influence and the Parental Influence

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The Difference Between the Celebrity Influence and the Parental Influence

During our lives we are under the influence of several persons. Since birth, the family and parents play an important role in the influence and the development of our attitudes and behavior. The children behavior towards their parents would show the impact of the influence of the celebrities on them. As children grow up, they discover celebrities who will influence the way they look, the way they dress and the way they behave with other persons of their community. The way the children are influenced by their parents differs completely from the influence that celebrities have on children. At first we will contrast the role of the celebrities and parents in a child’s life, then the influence of parents and celebrities and finally the purpose of parents and celebrities on the influence of children. The influence of parents and family can have a long-term effect, but it depends on the strength of the links between a parent and his child. If parents build a strong relation with their children, then these will continue to consider their parents as models to follow during their lives. Throughout the adolescence, when a child is exposed to the external world, celebrities can play a large role in influencing the preferences of the person and his perception about life. The celebrities can influence a lot of people either positively or negatively. Let us take the example of a little boy who often looked at the cartoon "batman", one day he wore a cape and jumped from his balcony then he broke his leg. There is another example of a girl who killed her cat to have the same jacket in fur as Lady Gaga.

The influence of the parents can be long-term if it is established on good bases. It can also be cut if the link between a parent his child is interrupted for a certain reason. On the other hand, the influence of celebrities can be extended from the influence of a person’s appearance to his...
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