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The Difference Between Single and Married Life

By budgetcomp Apr 07, 2013 393 Words
The Difference Between Single and Married Life

Single and married life have many differences. At first glance single life seems to offer more freedom and independence. I have many friends who enjoy single life because of this and don't want the responsibility of married life. But in a good marriage, the partners can still feel free and independent while enjoying the benefits of marriage like love and companionship.

Single people can come and go as they please and don't have to answer to anyone. Of course they can still have serious relationships but they don't have the restrictions of marriage where they have to keep their partner informed of where they are. I'm sure there are marriages where the husband and wife don't keep each other informed but I think that this not the ideal marriage relationship. I know that in my marriage I expect my husband to let me know what his plans are and where he is going to be.

When you are single you can have as many romantic relationships as you want. When you are married you have a responsibility to your spouse to be loyal to them. Of course, some single people are in serious monogamous relationships but that type of relationship would probably lead to marriage anyway. I have a girlfriend who has been with her boyfriend for five years and they are still not married. But they might as well be married because they don't have other partners. The only thing missing is the "piece of paper" known as a marriage license.

When you are single your future is your own. You live from day to day and don't take anyone else into consideration. When you are married you have to include your spouse in your thoughts about your future. Where are you going to live? Are you going to have children? These are questions that you have to discuss with your spouse and you have to decide them together.

In conclusion, single and married life both have their advantages and disadvantages. It is up to the individual to decide what they prefer. Single life appears to offer more freedom but married life can offer both freedom and the possibility of a deeper relationship with one person. The quality of the relationship between two people is more important than whether they are single or married.

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