The Difference Between Logical Design and Physical Design of a Network

Topics: Network topology, Computer network, Star network Pages: 3 (1052 words) Published: March 5, 2006

When comparing the logical and physical design of a network I visualize a carefully thought out plan created from start to finish by the individuals that would ultimately be using and maintaining it. Like many areas in Information Technology, Network Design cannot be taken likely. All of the necessary steps like those of the SDLC process must be done step-by-step in order to minimize unnecessary costs, downtime and loss of business opportunities. Like a good database, a good network must have a Logical and Physical design that will serve any company for many years. At my current position, I am generally the end user of such networks. My concern is that the Network operates effectively and efficiently. A good network should be easy to support. In my paper I will give a brief difference of the Logical and Physical Design of a Network. The Logical Design of a network for the purpose of my paper will begin with asking a few questions. How many computers will you need? Where will the locations be? Will sub netting be used? This entire information gathering is the beginning of the Logical design of the network. It will determine many different aspects of the network and form a basic starting point to make other major decisions. From this information the IP structure of the network will be decided. The IP structure is decided by the size of the network needed and is assigned a Class address scheme. From the size of this network a Class address scheme will be assigned and will be similar to The three groups of numbers will be the network number and the last group will be the number of host the company assigns. When determining how many computers will be needed and where they will be located is one of the least complicated details. Once the locations of all the stations are finalized they need to decide on what specific type of system they will be using. This will involve...

References: Northrup, Anthony. NT Network Plumbing. Forest City CA, IDG Books Worldwide, 1998

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