The Difference Between Functional and Dysfunctional

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The difference between functional and dysfunctional conflict is that functional serves a purpose in the organization such as the interest and dysfunctional serves no purpose but to threaten the organization ((Kinicki A. Kreitner R.2008 p. 277).

The five antecedents of conflict are the “overlapping or unclear job boundaries, inadequate communication, unreasonable or unclear policies standards or rules, unreasonable deadlines or extreme time pressure, and competition for limited resources” (Kinicki A. Kreitner R.2008 p. 277).

First overlapping or unclear job boundaries are very common in the workplace, as I come to realize. I was working for this company, whom made it clear my job was a receptionist. Around three month on the job an employee ask me to help with a patient so and I did. Shortly thereafter I was asked to do all types of things, from ordering supplies to patient check-ins. I realize my work was overlapping, all my paper work was not being submitted on time to the department that needed this information to continue their job. I had no job boundaries, so I went to management and explain what was going on it was explain to me that they were boarding my duties and I will be getting a letter on the matter, two week after I resigned from the company because it was just too much. If I was told of these duties when I was hire it I would have made my decision on whether to accept the job.

Inadequate communication can be harmful to a company; I also believe employees and management need to communicate for the organization to be successful. For example if the company had discuss the changes that was forthcoming I would have taken this into consideration before resigning. Instead other employees were telling me management said to do this and do that. I such not have to be the one to go to management for information a notice should have been sent out to all employees. I believe this would have been effective communication....
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