The Difference between Femininity and Masculinity

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Masculinity Pages: 4 (1359 words) Published: March 1, 2014
What is Femininity & Masculinity Anyways?
Ever watch a man do the laundry? Or a woman work on cars? Well, believe it or not it does happen. Many people believe that when you're a women you're suppose to act and talk feminine and when you're a man you're suppose to talk and act masculine, but in reality both men and women have both feminine and masculine characteristics. People also believe that there's a danger in limiting people to one or the other, which there is. You're taking away basic human rights. If a man wants to be a nurse he should be able to be one not because of his sex. If a woman wants to go to war then let her. Its good that both sexes have both characteristics so life is mostly equal and people have more choices. Compared to how it was back in the day, women used to stay home and take care of the kids and the house while the husband worked. This set up the stereotypes thats we have today. In our century, society has changed the way we look at femininity and masculinity, whether it be speech patterns or the stereotype gender roles men and women share a lot of characteristics.

A man who does the laundry isn't considered gay or too feminine. He could be married with 4 kids, but his wife works over time so he has to take over the chores she doesn't have the time to do. A woman can become a mechanic but that doesn't mean that she's more masculine. Both men and women can perform the same activities of the opposite sex. As Arron Devor states in his essay "Gender Role Behaviors and Attitudes", "Members of both genders are believed to share many of the same human characteristics, although in different relative proportions; both males and females are popularly thought to be able to do many of the same things, but most activities are divided into suitable and unsuitable categories for each gender class." Yes a man can do the laundry but it might not be done as well if a woman did it. But, some gender roles can be done even better by the opposite...
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