The difference between education in China and America

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The difference between education in China and America
Everyone must be educated, that is the basic duty of a good citizen. However, different environments involve different education. I was born in China. My cousin was born in America. We recently had a discussion about the difference between education in China and America. As a matter of fact, our discussion can be classified in three principal ways: the attitude of parents, the method of school, and the objective of education. The first point of discussion was the attitude of parents. In China, when children’s exams are not as good as their parents hoped, most parents criticize and intimidate their children: If the next exam has the same result as this exam, children will lose some of their favorite things, such as their computer, mp3 player, or even their precious basketball. This is terrible for children. Children would be mad at their parents in this bad situation but their parents tend not to care. This mortifies children. In America, when children fail their exams, most parents encourage and inspire their children. Failure is inevitable for success. They will do better than before because of this encouragement. Another discussion point is the method of school. In China, students have fewer courses. They can do better than students of other countries in these courses, but Chinese students lack the knowledge and creativity of foreign students. However, in America, students have a lot of courses which can broaden their horizons. They have broader knowledge in certain fields of study than Chinese students, such as philosophy and the arts, but they are not better at math than Chinese students. Chinese students lack a certain amount of educational freedom which Americans enjoy. Finally, the two different education systems have two different kinds of objectives. In China, people believe that going to school and graduating from college is only for the diploma. When students graduate from...
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