the dictator

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The Dictator
The Dictator movie is the heroic story of a dictator by the name of General Aladeen. The general does all he can to make sure that his country is not democratic. He oppresses people, with his eccentric desires. In the last one year, the movie has received both negative and positive reviews from viewers. It has been described as funny, obscene and disgusting. Despite the negative criticism, the movie plays a major role in presenting political satire. Satire is a form of comedy, that ranges from drama to prose narrative (Oliver and Stewart 12). It is amusing and humorous. In most cases, satire attacks someone or social institutions. It ridicules its target, with an aim of creating a positive change. The dictator movie, derides the failings of many leaders in today’s world. The movie focuses on political issues. It has criticized the current personalities in a populist manner. Sacha Baron Cohen, the leading character in the movie, is depicted as mean- spirited. People laugh at his brutal tyrant character. He succeeds in making the Wadiya population nervous. General Aladeen has been portrayed as a despot who governs the imaginary country of Wadiya. He lives in an opulent palace, and puts to death his subjects for simple mistakes. The general plans to have nuclear power in Wadiya, since every dictator has one. He tells his subjects that, “even Iranian president Mahmud Ahmadinejad, who looks like a snitch” has one (Charles). In the movie, Cohen successfully mixes the doses of Gaddafi, Kim Jong-Il and Hussein. This effect produces general Aladeen. The three named dictators severely oppressed their countries. Through Aladeen, the audience is able to see the detrimental character the dictators exhibited. Aladeen is cheerfully brutal. He is comically deluded that, the people of Wadiya love him so much. Political satire is supported by the childish character of Aladeen. In many cases, the general does not realize that he is saying offensive words .When...

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