The Diary of Katniss Everdeen

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The Diary of Katniss Everdeen
Dear diary,
Dear wretched, foolish, forsaken Capitol. Dear wretched, foolish, forsaken Hunger Games. No other day could be as unbearable as tomorrow. If my name is to be chosen, how can I leave Prim to fend for herself? If Prim is to be chosen? Oh I cannot even bear the thought. My dear little Primrose that I wish nothing but happiness and joy for could possibly be chosen. Yet there is no happiness on this day in all of Panem. The thing that bothers me is it is Prim’s first reaping, my fifth, but certainly not our last. Dear diary,

I had promised Prim nothing bad would happen to her, but that failed to be true. When I heard Effie Trinket call out Primrose Everdeen my heart stopped, but my love for Prim brought me back and compelled me to volunteer, to volunteer to die for her, to take her place, as she would do for me. I would never let that happen. She is too precious. The other name Effie Trinket called was Peeta Mellark. The baker’s son who had saved me from starving many years ago, but now the baker’s son cannot afford to be kind to me. He will be trying to kill me. Dear diary,

Saying goodbye was hard. How can you be happy when the last memory of your sister is her yelling at you to stop and come back, as they were hauling you away? How can you express sixteen years’ worth of feelings in an hour? I did. I stressed to my mother that she cannot space out again. Most importantly, I promised Prim I would win for her, for how can I ask them to hope if I have none. Gale told me to hunt to kill if I have to. The awful thing is if I do not think of people I will be capable of killing. Dear diary,

The Tribute Train is exquisite. The seats are made of something my mother calls velvet. I have never eaten so much in my life and that is not a figure of speech. There is enough food here to feed my whole town. There are many things I have come to realize. Dear diary,

As I lay in bed, I think to myself. I hate the Capitol, how they...
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