The Diary of Anne Frank

Topics: Władysław Szpilman, Warsaw, Warsaw Ghetto Pages: 4 (1641 words) Published: March 20, 2011
The Diary of Anne Frank

This journey that Anne Frank encounters was although a short journey had a big affect on her life. A few steps down the road from where she lived had changed her life forever, more than she could’ve imagined. Anne Frank was forced to leave her life behind, in a time of WW2.

The diary of Anne Frank represents an individual strengthened by going on a forced, reluctant journey. She’s forced into hiding after living a “spoiled life” with boys from school “admiring her”. She’s forced to hide in an Annexe, behind the Amsterdam office of her father’s business. That journey although just a few steps had changed her life forever. Forced to leave her loved life and unexpectedly move into a strange place, expected to stay there with strangers until WW2 was over. Although she was forced to go on this physical journey from one place to another, her experiences in the hiding place when she arrived strengthened her. She says, “oh Kitty I’ve become so much more independent, you wouldn’t think I was only 14 years old”, “I’ve matured beyond my years”, “…the Anne Frank who has enjoyed her heavenly existence was completely different from the one who has grown with in these walls,”. She writes to her diary as though it were a person, giving it a name, “Kitty” telling it how she’s become stronger and more independent. Tells “Kitty” when looking back on the “old Anne”, she realises how much she’s grown, talking about herself in the third person. “This Anne has grown so much, is much less dependent on others, so much different from the old Anne.” Anne felt like no one understood her, and no one listened to her, which played a part on how strong and independent she had become. Because it is a diary Anne writes in context, using dates at the beginning of her entries, this creates the feeling of how much timed has passed to the reader. She lives in the hiding place for about two years, has her 14th birthday there. This is also an interrupted...
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