The Devils Highway

Topics: Accuracy and precision, Walking, Measurement Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: August 24, 2013
Walk This Way
By: Leslie Dett
Algebra 2 Project
February 1, 2013

This project Walk this Way was actually a really good experiment. It wasn’t that hard nor that simple. You still had to apply everything you learned in math and be accurate with the numbers. Starting with the measurements of your leg to the time amount of time you walk in. Your accuracy had to be at a minimum range of numbers. Answering question number 8 in the worksheet I believe in some of them the formula predicted the maximum speed of walking. Not in all but it was accurate in most. It’s nice to see you can get an accurate time with just applying math in it and trying to predict a very good level of walking. The way the project was set up itself was an amazing way to learn new things about human nature and about math at the same time. The procedures we used were for one making a student go outside of the classroom and count 60 tiles (since it is 1 foot each) and from where he started he put tape and from where he ended he put tape. We then separated into groups of 10 in total to be an even class so we can start off the experiment. During the time that was going on we chose who was going to be the recorder, the measurer, and the timer. With my group Jovan was the measurer, Nakyra was the recorder, and I was the timer. Finally going outside we got to work and the people walking would start from the tape and have to end to the other side where the other tape was. You notice how some people walk at a slow pace and other at more faster one. It isn’t as difficult to do the math problems. If it wasn’t explained to us it would’ve been difficult to understand. But I love how this project is/was. It entertained me more than I thought it would. Especially when walking down to the other side of the tape. What I found most difficult was putting the second set of points in the same scatter plot. I didn’t know how to do it since I’m no wiz at the computer. At...
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