The Devil Wears a White Silk Bonnet (Ib English Creative Task)

Topics: The Crucible, Salem witch trials, People of the Salem witch trials Pages: 4 (1290 words) Published: January 11, 2013
The Devil Wears a White, Silk Bonnet

In order to make this creative piece work, the sequence in which some events and scenes occurred had to be switched around a bit. Also, the prose format seemed to flow better rather than a script, you can work with the character’s emotions and thoughts a bit more with prose versus a play script. Envy was one of the seven deadly sins, one should not be envious. Back in 1692, you also had to be careful of what you said, lest you be accused of witchcraft. This would continue on to the 1950’s, when you had to watch what you said in order to not be accused of being Communist, The Crucible is an allegory for the Red Scare, to show people how silly it all was, it was Arthur Miller’s goal, in hopes something like such wouldn’t happen again. Also, this is to show, that it’s human nature, to save yourself, as my character Alice Smith did, accusing Reverend John Hale, even if she considered Hale—however her master—a friend, and perhaps, a little more. Normally a reverend would be exempt from being accused of witchcraft, being too close to God, as Abigail William’s world fell apart when she tried to accuse the wife of a reverend. Perhaps, since Hale became doubtful, the judges would be more apt to believe Alice. However, the idea whether Hale was found innocent or guilty is left open…No one was safe; everyone was out to save their own skin, except maybe a select few, like Hale, Proctor, Miller, and anyone who denied being guilty… The Devil wears a white, silk bonnet

“I saw Abigail Williams with the Devil,”
Reverend Hale sat at his desk, elbows flat against the desktop, face buried into his hands, as he mumbled this into his palms. “I cannot understand why someone doesn’t just say that,”
“No, no, Abigail Williams is the Devil,” Alice Smith said, her thin lips forming a small smile. Alice was the young servant girl of Reverend John Hale; she came with him from Beverly. She had shoulder length, thin, straw colored...
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