The Devil Came on Horseback

Topics: Sudan, Darfur, Genocide Pages: 4 (1357 words) Published: April 30, 2013
The Devil Came on Horseback
The Devil Came on Horseback is a documentary following Brian Steidle, a retired Captain of the United States Marine Corps who was sent to monitor a ceasefire in Sudan. Brian was sent over as an unarmed military observer or a patrol leader, which was quite the change for the retired Captain, as he was use to being in the action. Little did Brian know, within six months he found himself in the middle of a rising conflict in Darfur, spreading to the entire region.

In Darfur and Sudan there has been a two decade civil war between the North and South, resulting in thousands of innocent lives being lost. Before Brian was sent over, there had been threats of undermining a peace agreement in Darfur. The North, which was mostly Arab people, was controlled by Arab tribes. Darfur wanted to rule the economic developments being made on the North’s land. Many attacks have been made in attempts to do so, including an attack on an airport that destroyed many planes and killed seventy-five people.

The Janjaweed, who are Arab militia men sent on horseback to attack, and rape village people, as well as burn their entire villages down. The Sudanese government denies any involvement with this group of people, despite interviews with Janjaweed members making claims that they are, in fact trained and supplied with weapons by the Sudanese government. The Janjaweed are trained in the Lagowa Province, which includes the oil pipelines in Sudan. These individuals are paid in the loot they get from attacking the villages.

In the Western Darfur region, there are over 180,000 lives lost, some in part to the actions of the Janjaweed. Many people have fled their villages in hopes to save their lives, along with their families. The previously mentioned Lagowa Province plays a much bigger role than a place for the militia to train. It also serves as a place for this militia to easily transport their weapons and other materials needed to continue their terror....
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