The Devil's Arithmetic

Topics: Elie Wiesel, World War II, Nazi concentration camps Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: October 3, 2010
The Devil’s Arithmetic is a story about a 13 year old girl named Hannah who lives in modern 1990s America. Hannah is very neglectful of her Jewish heritage and its traditions. During Seder feast when her family ask her to “open the door” for the prophet Elijah she finds that she has been transported back into 1940s Poland. After being transported to a Nazi concentration camp she has to use her knowledge of the future and the past to survive the horror which is the Holocaust.

I find that The Devil’s Arithmetic and the novel Night in a way that they both illustrate the struggles and hard reality that the Holocaust actually happened and what occurred inside the camps. Holocaust means “burnt whole”. In this word, it symbolizes that Hitler had the idea to wipe out a whole race and by doing so he had to make the concentration camps and the crematories. Concentration camps were a place where Jews, gypsies, homosexuals and others persecuted in the Holocaust were sent to work or to be murdered by the hundreds. In concentration camps prisoners were humiliated, starved, beaten, forced to work and murdered in ways practically unimaginable. Some ways prisoners were killed were gas chambers, crematories, mass shootings, hung of simply worked or starved to death. In the novel Night, the author Elie Weisel witnesses a hanging of prisoners who tried to escape. In the Devil’s Arithmetic the same thing occurred and I noticed how both characters talked about the horror and fear on other’s faces. IN the novel Night the French girl who helps out Elie is said to have dreamy eyes, eyes that want to help and are caring.

In conclusiion I find that both Night and The Devil’s Arithmetic are similar in almost every way. The story, the plot, and the history that happened within it. Something that people should never forget is what happened during World War II inside those camps.
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