The Development of Two Characters from the Fiction Novel "Animal Farm" by George Orwell

Topics: Animal Farm, Soviet Union, Leon Trotsky Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: February 22, 2013
The Development of Two Characters from the Fiction Novel "Animal Farm" By George Orwell

The novel "Animal Farm" is based on the events during and after the Russian Revolution in 1917. It was written to show the tyranny and brutality that Joseph Stalin,the leader of the Soviet Union, inflicted on his nation. The two characters that develop rapidly in the novel are Napoleon as Joseph Stalin and Boxer; He represents a type of worker known as a Stakhanovite, whom were determined to work and work to help there new nation. The problem was they didn't realize they were being exploited and used for a horrible cause.

Napoleon is a large Berkshire boar, he is the protagonist in the story. In the beginning of the novel he was described as being "large" and "fierce-looking". Orwell also shows a bit of Napoleons personality with others. "Not much of a talker, but with a reputation of getting his own way" moreover he is portrayed as powerful and malignant. He and another pig named Snowball were shown to be the more intelligent ones, instantly separating them from the other males. Napoleon, along with Snowball and Squealer (a small fat male pig, with an act for persuasion) became determined to show the other animals an idea called "Animalism". Snowball is the only one mentioned in the primary stage of persuading the animals of this new idea. Orwell is portraying Snowball as the dominant one out of the three. After the Rebellion was over against Mr. Jones the farmer, Napoleon "served out a double ration of corn to every-body"Orwell has begun to contradict Napoleons initial description, because he is showing generosity and socializing which raises suspicion. He is also showing loyalty to the concept of animalism. Then there is written "with two biscuits for each dog". This just further worries the reader for they know Napoleon gets his way. Giving extra food to the dogs could mean he is attempting to get them on his side.

The pigs had reduced Animalism to seven...
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