The Development of Meridian Psychotherapy

Topics: Acupuncture, Energy therapies, Acupuncture point Pages: 3 (746 words) Published: April 3, 2013
The development of meridian energy

The ,,life energy,, how its called has been recognized under different names by various ancient cultures around the world such as Egyptians,Hindus,Chinese,Koreans, Japanese and Hawaiians and was arose simultaneously in different cultures. The early references to meridian energy therapies collated around the 27-th century BC in China,this work spread to Korea in the 6-th century AD,to Japan and north of Italy where the discovery of Otzi revealed that the points on his body correspond to modern acupuncture points. If in the ancient cultures they heat the meridian points by burning small compressed cones of mugwort on the skin,percussion on the meridian points with a small hammer with nine needles on its head,the use of crystals whereas or very fine needles made from stone,over the time the acupressure to the meridian points was developed. As opposed to acupuncture the acupressure is a noninvasive and modern variant of it. According with this system each disease is cured by treating the physical and psychological forms as one combined unit. In acupressure system the human body is considered to be an integral unit of the psychological body. In the modern era World Health Organization(WHO) has accepted the utility of acupressure system and has accepted that this treatment is more beneficial in certain illness. In the past years since Callahan's discovery more variations of this techniques have appeared:EFT,TFT,TAT.AIT,HAT,EDxTM,CHART,ET,BSFF and they developed new theories about meridian therapy. Emotional Freedom Technique was developed by Gary Craig,one of the people who trained with Dr.Callahan and then went on to adapt the techniques. The possible 361 meridian points are reduced by Craig to a set of 13 point to form the mechanical basis of EFT. Thought Field Therapy is the therapy of Dr.Callahan which is based on the clients emotional problems while tapping a sequence of meridian points related to...
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